Why you should be bullish on CryptoCart.cc

TLDR: A digital marketplace where you can buy real-world goods using cryptocurrencies and without giving away your anonymity

Why we need it? : If you are reading this article, most probably you hold at least one of thousands of cryptocurrencies available on the market, and until now, there were very few ways through which you can spend these cryptocurrencies on real-world goods

Existing solutions and their problems:

Blockcard:- They offer a Visa card which you can fund with cryptocurrencies, but this comes with the risk of losing your anonymity. You will have to complete various KYC procedures to use their platform.

Bitpay: You can buy gift cards of major eCommerce stores, but the problem is that you will also have to complete certain KYC if you want a higher purchasing limit

Traditional Way: You can sell your cryptocurrencies to your country’s fiat currency and buy the products the conventional way, but it has many problems. You will be liable to various taxes. In countries like India, where cryptocurrencies are in the gray area, using crypto to pay for goods is challenging.

Note: There are few more options, but all of them fall under the above categories

Solutions offered by cryptocart.cc:

1: Marketplace

They allow you to purchase goods from various eCommerce platforms while retaining your privacy and anonymity. You can also get additional discounts and other benefits if you hold their native cryptocurrency more on this later.

You might ask me, “Why do you need to protect your purchases from all the big tech companies?” the best answer for that would be this article.

On a personal note protecting your purchase preferences from all these big tech companies is very important.

Note: While writing this article, they only allow you to purchase goods from Amazon UK, but as per their team members, they are working hard to add more vendors from across the world platforms soon.

How to:

1: Visit https://marketplace.cryptocart.cc/

2: Search for your product (their UI is very clean and easy to navigate)

Amazing User Interface
Search for your product here I am choosing a gaming pc

3: Purchase the gift card of corresponding value

Checkout and it automatically tells you which gift card to purchase

4: Redeem the gift card on the vendor’s page and enjoy your product :)

As of writing this article only amazon uk supported thus my vendor will be amazon uk

How is the Marketplace useful?

Let us try to solve the problem from the above article and how cryptocart.cc could have helped her: She could have created a burn email and, using that burn email, create a new anon Target account. Then she could head over to cryptocart.cc and search for her desired product or products buy the gift of the value she needs in a completely anonymous way.

The next time she needs a product hope she uses cryptocart.cc and ensuring her purchases are not being tracked and keeping her “secret” a secret :)

They are adding many vendors, and soon you could search for almost every product in nearly all the countries and ensuring your purchases are not being tracked, You could also compare the prices offered by different vendors and choose the best product at the best price

Note: This platform is very new, and a lot of features are still under development

2: Giftcard

You can purchase gift cards from 100’s of vendors while retaining your privacy and anonymity. This is very useful if you are planning to pay for services like Netflix, Playstation or Google Play

How to:

1: Visit https://giftcards.cryptocart.cc/

2: Search for your gift card and enter the value you want to purchase

3: Pay with your preferred cryptocurrencies (As of writing this article 3 major cryptocurrencies are accepted and more will be added soon :)

Enter your email and pay with cryptocurrencies

Note: As of writing this article, the orders are processed manually from 8:00 am UTC — 8:00 pm UTC, but as per their latest announcement, they will soon automate this process

$CC Token:

The best thing about crypto-based companies is that many of them have their own native token. This will allow the project team to get capital to develop their project further at the same many incentive programs are offered for the token holders. A win-win situation :)

Now let us understand the use-case of $CC token:

1: Discounts: You can get cheaper shipping rate and get a percentage off of promotional products

2: Cashback: If you are purchasing your product using the $CC token, you will get back a certain percentage as cashback

3: Promotions: You can earn points for $CC tokens which can later be redeemed as nft’s which can later be applied for specific promotions or discounts

In my opinion, $CC tokens can be used in future to vote on proposals that will guide the project , thus making cryptocart.cc a truly decentralized platform


Total supply: 1,000,000 (very low supply)

Marketing purpose: 80,000 (Vested)

Public sale: 375,000

Fees: 8,000

Team: 55,000(Vested)

Rewards Pool: 250,000(Locked)

Uniswap-Liquidity: 232,000(Locked)

Contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x9e547061a345015869d26c7b6ee4ab5b63424441

Vesting schedule:

Contract Audit:

With so many interesting usecases and good tokenomics current price of $9.5 is a good price point to accumulate some ( I am not a financial advisor do your own research)

Technical Analysis:

I am not an expert in technical analysis, but https://www.tradingview.com/x/iduxddEC it looks like a perfect breakout and retest as of now (Not financial advice) (dated 7th july 2021)

Just by looking at the price action this is a no brainer token . To the moooon

You might be asking right now where can I market buy this token?, you can buy it on uniswap, the link is below

As of writing this article, you can only buy it on uniswap(Ethereum based) but they are soon launching on BSC and in future on solana and htr so you don’t have to worry about gas fees

CryptoCart Vault:

This is probably another reason why holding $CC token is a no brainer move:

The commission they receive from vendors from both the stores( Gift card platform and Marketplace) will be used to buy $CC token from the market and store it in CryptoCart Vault and this Vault will never be touched in a way acting as a burn mechanism

This will ensure there is a continuous demand for $CC token, thus incentivizing people to hold $CC token

From marketplace purchases, they receive anywhere between 1–12%, and from gift card purchases, they receive 1%

This feature really excites me.


One of the most important or probably the most important piece for a project to succeed or fail is the team behind the project

Cryptocart team has not been publicly doxxed, but they have been kyc’ed by the Twitter user @DeFi_Owl (A reputable person) on the understanding that the details of the team will be released publicly if the team members act maliciously.

Reasons for not publicly revealing their identity has been mention on the below page:

The telegram admins are pretty active and answered all the questions I asked immediately.

I have good confidence in the team behind this project, and I am sure they will deliver on their promises


Partnerships are also another important thing which could make or break a project, with the right partnerships, the project could end up really successful.

Cryptocart.cc have partnered up with some really interesting projects as of writing this article

1: UTU Trust($UTU) they are an interesting platform because they solve the problem that comes with reviews especially with anonymous reviews. Which traditionally can be manipulated easily

How will this help cryptocart cc?:

UTU will provide accurate reviews and rating which can be used to verify trusty vendors and buyers

More on this


2: Gift Protocol ($GIFT):

It was very difficult for me to use cryptocurrencies and understand them in the early days, Gift Protocol aims to solve this problem. It will help you to bring your friends and family into the rabbit hole of cryptocurrencies.

How will this help cryptocart.cc?

A personal on boarding experience for new $CC token users and exposure to gift community

More on this:

Personal suggestions:

1: I hope the team in future brings out a buy for you kinda service where I don’t even need to create a new account for every purchase and staying truly anonymous

2: As mentioned above hoping that the team add governance use case for $CC token to make it more decentralized

Final thoughts:

As a hardcore cryptocurrency user, platforms like cryptocart.cc is really useful for me, and even through bull or bear market, the basic use case or as we call it fundamentals of a project won’t change

Good team and solid roadmap. I believe cryptocart.cc and its native token $CC will perform really well

Useful links:

https://cryptocart.cc/ (Main website)

https://cryptocart.cc/blog/ (All latest announcments are posted there)

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xf4d4e16c9a93d88990e0b98820c363369ca91c01 (To chart the $CC token and check its price)

Tokenomics: https://cryptocart.cc/tokenomics/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCartCC

Telegram: t.me/CryptoCartCC (really friendly admins over there)

Roadmap: https://cryptocart.cc/about-us/ (really solid roadmap)

Whitepaper: https://cryptocart.cc/about-us/

I love Crypto